Dear Pastor/Spiritual Leader/Intercessor,

If you are not familiar with Transformation Syracuse and have not had the opportunity to attend any of Transformation Syracuse's four previous gatherings, Transformation Syracuse's mission is to identify and address through prayer the spiritual issues that are contributing to the upsurge in godlessness in the Syracuse area and are hindering revival.

Much research into Syracuse's history (spiritual mapping) has been done and several issues have already been identified and dealt with at prior gatherings. It is Transformation Syracuse's purpose to see the land cleansed and purified through corporate repentance, according to 2 Chronicles 7:14, so that deep and lasting revival may come. Since 2006 is the 100th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival, our hope is that Syracuse may experience transformation to the extent that Los Angeles did in 1906. God is calling His prayer warriors together to see the Greater Syracuse area transformed and revived!

As you are probably aware, Syracuse has never had a major and lasting revival. In fact, the CNY area has long been known as a "dark" area spiritually by the evangelists who have come here. Even Charles Finney, who had great success in Rochester with bars closing down and churches filling to overflowing (an almost unbelievable conversion rate of 90% was achieved), had very little success in Syracuse. Finney even referred to some areas of New York State as Sodom. Billy Graham, when he was here in the 60s said he would never come back because the area was so spiritually hard. There are some who believe the cloudy skies over Syracuse (we surpassed Seattle a few years ago) are symbolic of this area's spiritual condition. There is in fact much depression, crime, and sickness in this area. In 2003 Syracuse's murder rate exceeded that of New York City. There is a high incidence of breast cancer in and around Syracuse and the North East has the highest incidence of M. S. in the country. Syracuse is also known as the Wiccan capital of New York State.

To identify what is hindering major revival in the CNY area, a small group of Christians gathered together to scout out the land (mapping) as the beginning of a long process to identify the giants in the land and begin the spiritual transformation of this area. As a result of this initial effort, several specific areas were identified that will require corporate intercessory prayer to achieve break through and ushers in revival.

We are seeking pastors, intercessors, ministry leaders and others who are dedicated to seeing CNY transformed spiritually. The purpose in having a company of pastors, intercessors and other spiritual leaders is to corporately seek battle strategies from Jesus -- the Captain of the Host. We want to determine His priorities and His timing, which will only come as a result of intercessory prayer. We understand from the USSPN and others that it could be an extended season of prayer -- lasting as long as 3-5 years. It is only unity among God's people that will ultimately bring total revival to this area.

Unity pleases God (Psalm 133). It exists at some level in the Syracuse region, but is limited -- partially because of the particular strongholds that exist here. However, we believe that, as we come together in humility and pray, God will hear and heal our land and His people. As the brothers and sisters of various churches and denominations labor together in prayer, we can move God's heart to sovereignly dislodge powers and principalities in high places. We believe that only when there is corporate unity will the "dome of darkness "over CNY be destroyed so that full and lasting revival can come.

God has already given us the basis of His battle plan: "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." (2 Chron 7:14) Part of that humility is laying down denominational differences and coming together in prayer for the cause of Christ.

As we seek Him for wisdom and revelation and come together in unity breakthrough can be achieved (Psalm 144:1).

Would you be willing to participate in the intercessory prayer phase of this campaign in order to break off the strongholds in this area and see lasting revival come? No matter what differences may exist among Christian denominations and churches, we can all agree on one thing: It is God's will that all should come unto repentance and be saved.

In order to destroy the dome of darkness over this area and rebuild a wall of protection, we will need all of the family of God, regardless of denominational differences, to assume their position on the wall. During this season of extended spiritual warfare that we have been in, it is easy to grow discouraged and adopt the view of many leaders who have come here that this is a dead area. Some leaders feel they are alone in the seeking God's kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Elijah took this attitude, but God showed him he was not alone and that there were a faithful remnant of 7000. Likewise, Ezekiel had to be taken out to the valley of dry (dead) bones to correct his vision. As the dry bones came together, God breathed His Spirit on them and they were transformed into an exceedingly great army (Eze 37:10). This same army can arise in Syracuse and be used to pull down spiritual strongholds, but first we must lay down denominational differences (humble ourselves) and connect in Christ, before the Spirit will anoint us for spiritual warfare.

This is so important for success. The Apostle James counsels us that where there is a lack of unity, there is disorder and every evil thing (James 3:16). We must come together for the cause of Christ.

We would be honored if you would be part of this effort to transform the CNY region.

Be Blessed,

Vincent & Deborah Aquilino
USSPN Coordinators for Greater Syracuse
IAHR NYS Coordinators
Directors, The Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse

May God get all the glory!


Transformation Syracuse

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