Bonnie Chavda - Prophetic Impressions - 10/27/2006, Buffalo NY

Word given to Syracuse 7-15-2005 - Joseph Askins

    "Arise and become the SALT and LIGHT City I have called you to be. Begin to step out of your darkness and into MY GLORIOUS LIGHT! If you will arise this hour I will surround your region with My Holy Fire that will transform your city and restore your saltiness to an unbelieving generation.

    There is much hidden in your borders that are holding your minds captive Not only is the harvest being held captive but also My church. Ask Me to open your eyes to the enemy within your borders and I will give you strategies to see them displaced.


    ARISE and Worship, ARISE and bring forth a sound of DELIVERANCE, ARISE and bring forth a sound of HEALING, ARISE IN FAITH, ARISE with a voice of TRIUMPH, ARISE with the sound of JOY!

    I am preparing you for VICTORY! SHOUT WITH A VOICE OF TRIUMPH.



Word - Vince Aquilino - 2003

    "Syracuse I have called you to be a light in this area, but your salt has lost its saltiness, your cisterns have become polluted, and you have become a habitation for every unclean bird. The spirit of murder lives here, the spirit of abortion lives here, the spirit of harlotry lives here. I call you this day Syracuse to destroy the high places, to demolish the altars of the enemy. I call you Syracuse to rise up and walk in your destiny. I call you Syracuse to be a city of light, a city on a hill, a place of refuge in a time of trouble."

Vision - Vince Aquilino - November, 2003

During the lunar eclipse in November, 2003, Paul Tranchell and Vince Aquilino stood on the other side of Route 31 near 481 by the Golf Dome and Vince and Paul made prophetic declaration that the dome of darkness was coming down and that revival would come into this area. Vince declared that healing would no longer be hindered. Vince saw in the spirit, as Paul struck the staff (Elohiym), fire roar down 481 South toward the city.

Vision - Paul Tranchell - 1999

In 1999, at the leading of the Lord, Paul stood at the corner of 481 and Route 31 and declared the gateways to the city closed to demonic supply. Paul also saw route 481 as fuse igniting a powder keg and fire running up Route 481 and Oswego river (revival). He saw water flowing upstream (living water) in the Oswego river which then flooded Onondaga lake and the City of Syracuse as a tidal wave (of revival). About that same time, SACF dispatched intercessors to close the 12 or 14 gateways into the city of Syracuse.

Vision/word - 1989 - Paul Tranchell

On December 30, 1989, Paul Tranchell was given a vision of a Dome of Darkness over the Syracuse area. He saw a dome of darkness completely covering Syracuse. No light was penetrating. Then he saw a ring of people on their knees, surrounding the dome. Some had their hands raised, some had their faces to the floor, and as they spoke, their words chipped away at the darkness and weakened the dome -- like sand or pellets blasting away at the shell. These were intercessors surrounding the dome and sand blasting it and trying to wear it down, but with little effect. He saw some with axes trying to break the dome with no effect. The ax would penetrate but when he removed it the darkness closed in around it (He felt this represented man’s works -- tearing down buildings, putting in new training and programs and concluded that works which are not Spirit-lead, will not be effective. Paul likened this to urban renewal that worked on the external trappings. He saw others with knives attempting to penetrate it, and once in a while, would punch a hole in it, reach in, and pull out someone. As opposed to man’s works which were totally ineffective, these had the heart of an evangelist who would rescue people from darkness one at a time.

“Go, meet, share, save” and then I saw people with swords, swords of the Spirit cutting holes for the light to shine through. The Lord is calling his remnant to prayer and fasting.

“Be led My Spirit and you will bring people out of the darkness and you will make openings for My Light to shine through. You will have partial victories on your own, you will bring some people out and you will let some light in, but you will not shatter the powers of darkness until there is unity. I call My people to unity. The unity of My people in Syracuse cannot be withstood by Satan. This is a spiritual war and the victory will be given in prayer. However, the prayer is not the end, but is to prepare you for the work that I have given you to do.” Finally, He saw all of God’s praying remnant, with swords in “His” hand and like the Musketeers, they clanged their swords together and in unison declared "All for one and one for all" (the "One" would be Jesus) and the Dome shattered.

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