Nehemiah Prayer Teams - Watchman on the Wall

Dear Pastors, Ministry Leaders, Intercessors and all those with a heart to see revival come to Syracuse,

"Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he who reads it may run with it." (HAB 2:2)

It is our goal to establish 50 Nehemiah prayer teams to raise the wall of protection around Syracuse and Central New York -- just as Nehemiah did around Jerusalem in his day. Nehemiah charged family groups with the responsibility of building their part of the wall. They built with one hand and carried a sword in the other. As the church of Jesus Christ assumes its position on the wall, regardless of denominational differences, to unite and war over our area in prayer, we will see revival come to Syracuse.

These prayer teams will pray for revival and support ministries and churches on the front lines with prayer, and also target in prayer any spiritual stumbling blocks that are identified that are hindering revival. Nehemiah Prayer Teams will also function as watchman. In ancient Israel, watchman stood their watch on the walls looking for danger and would sound the trumpet call as a warning and in response the gatekeepers would close the gates to the city. As we rebuild and raise the walls of protection around Syracuse via the Nehemiah Prayer Teams, we must also maintain a vigil to ensure the enemy does not encroach on ground that was reclaimed from the enemy. In the physical, land that is posted does not ensure that trespassers will not encroach on it. Often trespasssers will come and squat on posted land unless authority is executed to forcibly eject them.

If sustained transformation and revival is to come to our area, We will need both Watchman on the walls of our city and Gatekeepers to close the gates of the city to the entrance of the enemy.

The gates of the ancient cities of Israel were shut by night, and the night watchmen guarded the walls of the city. However, the gates of the city were opened during the last hour of the morning watch. Thus, in the morning, there were both the morning watchmen and the gatekeepers on watch. The gatekeeper's job was to open and guard the gates. As the watchman stood their watch on the walls looking for danger, they would sound the trumpet as a warning and in response the gatekeepers would close the gates to the city denying the enemy access to the city

If the prayer teams receive revelation from the Lord regarding anything we must corporately pray about, they will communicate it to the Transformation Syracuse leadership team to be assessed. The information will be submitted to the Pastors of participating churches (Gatekeepers) and a battle strategy will be developed to close the gates of the city to the enemy. Yhe plan will be communicated back to the Nehemiah prayer teams so they may pray, intercede, and war over our area effectivally. In this manner we can, by the Holy Spirit, cut off the supply of the enemy (just as the children of Israel learned to encircle an enemy and cut off their lines of supply) and tear down the high places.

Transformation Syracuse has been interceding and repenting for the Greater Syracuse and CNY area for many years, in accordance with II Chronicles 7:14 and we are beginning to see God move in marvelous ways as a result!

It is our vision to expand the prayer covering around our area and beyond via “Nehemiah Prayer Teams” that we wany to form around the City. If you did not sign up to either head up or be part of one of these teams, we are asking you to consider doing so now. Nothing is required of you except a desire to see this area transformed by the power of prayer.

You may already be part of a Bible Study, prayer group or adult Sunday school class that could intercede with you. If not, we invite you to start one or become part of one. The more people praying for the transformation of our region, the better! We can all be part of the solution to the crime, economic problems and immorality that the enemy has brought into this area by praying for and blessing our City. Proverbs 11:11 says that “Through the blessing of the upright, a city is exalted...”

Nehemiah was a Hebrew who was taken captive by the Babylonians and became the king’s cupbearer, a position of some prominence. Upon hearing from some countrymen that a Jewish remnant had returned to Israel following the exile, He prayed and repented on behalf of Israel. Nehemiah then asked the king’s permission to return to his homeland to rebuild the walls and gates around Jerusalem that had been destroyed during the Babylonian siege. God’s favor was on Nehemiah, and the king granted Nehemiah’s request. Upon his return to Jerusalem, Nehemiah supervised the rebuilding of the walls and gates surrounding the city so that it would once again be safe from enemy forces. He organized the families who lived near each section of wall and each gate into work parties, and they were responsible for repairing the breaches near their homes. Because they were susceptible to attack all through the rebuilding process, these workers had their tools in one hand and a weapon in the other.

The goal of the “Nehemiah Prayer Teams” is to rebuild the walls and gates of protection around our area, just as the Hebrews rebuilt the walls and gates around Jerusalem. With many people praying for restoration all over this city, we can repair the breaches that have occurred. All of us working together can see Syracuse reach its full potential. Jeremiah 29:11 refers just as much to a city as it does to individuals. The Destiny Center and the Carrier Dome are prophetic symbols of God’s redemptive purposes for this Syracuse. We must not let the enemy keep this City from fulfilling its God-ordained “Destiny” as a City of Salt and Light, a “Carrier” of God’s Glory and Presence!

Transformation Syracuse hopes to meet on a quarterly basis at various churches and venues around the area for praise and worship gatherings and to pray and repent for citywide sin and iniquity, according to II Chronicles 7:14.

Much research into Syracuse’s history has alreadt been done, and many issues have been identified. We need to continue to repent (“identificational repentance”) for the sins of our area to see land cleansed and purified through that corporate repentance, so that revival may come.

Syracuse has never had a major lasting revival. In fact, the CNY area has long been known as a “dark” area spiritually by the evangelists who have come here. There are some who believe the cloudy skies form a dome of darkness over Syracuse that is symbolic of this area’s spiritual condition. There is much crime, depression and sickness in this region. Don’t you find it interesting that Seasonal Affective Disorder so prevalent in CNY occurs because of a lack of light? There is a high rate of breast cancer in and around Syracuse, and the Northeast has the highest incidence of MS in the country.

Even Charles Finney, who had great success in Rochester -- with bars closing down and churches filled to overflowing -- had very little success in Syracuse. When Billy Graham came here in the ‘60’s, he said he would never come back because the area was so hard spiritually. He did return in the 80’s, but with relatively little lasting impact. The only important revival Syracuse has ever experienced was when Billy Sunday came in 1915. That was probably the result of the thousands of Christians praying for revival in hundreds of prayer groups before he came.

Years ago now, a small group of Christians gathered around a dining room table to seek the Lord as to what was hindering revival in the CNY area. Thus began the process of scouting out the “giants in the land” in order to begin the spiritual transformation of this area. As a result of this initial effort, specific “giants” were identified that require corporate intercessory prayer to achieve breakthrough. We are seeking as many pastors, intercessors, ministry leaders and others as possible who are dedicated to seeing CNY transformed spiritually. The purpose in having a company of pastors, intercessors and other spiritual leaders is to corporately seek battle strategies from God. We want to determine His priorities and His timing, which will only come as a result of intercessory prayer. It is only unity among God’s people that will ultimately bring true revival and transformation to this area.

Unity pleases God (Psalm 133). It exists at some level in the Syracuse area, but is limited partially because of the particular strongholds that exist here. However, we believe that, as we come together in humility and pray, God will hear and heal our land and His people. As the brothers and sisters of various churches and denominations labor together in prayer, we can move God’s heart to sovereignly dislodge powers and principalities in high places. We believe that only when there is corporate unity will the dome of darkness over CNY be destroyed and the Dome of his Glory and Presence erected.

This is so important for success. The Apostle James counsels us that where there is a lack of unity, there is disorder and every evil thing (James 3:16). We must come together for the cause of Christ. As we seek Him for wisdom and revelation and come together in unity, breakthrough can be achieved (Psalm 144:1).

No matter what differences may exist among Christian denominations and churches, we can all agree on one thing: It is God’s will that all should come unto repentance and be saved. In order to rebuild the walls and gates of protection, we will need all of the family of God to assume their positions, with a tool in one hand and a weapon in the other.

During any season of extended spiritual warfare, it is easy to grow discouraged and adopt the view of leaders who have come here and found this to be a spiritually dead area. Some of them feel they are alone in trying to establish the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in Heaven. Elijah took this attitude, but God showed him he was not alone and that there was a faithful remnant of 7000. Ezekiel had to be taken out to the valley of dry (dead) bones to correct his vision. As the dry bones came together, God breathed His Spirit on them, and they were transformed into an exceedingly great army (Ezekiel 37:10). This same army can arise in Syracuse and be used to pull down strongholds, but first we must lay down personal and denominational differences (humble ourselves) and connect in Christ, before the Spirit will anoint us for spiritual warfare.

If you would like to become part of this prayer initiative to break off the strongholds in this area, please email us at the address listed below or fill out the form online at:

In addition, we would ask that you and your group be standing in the gap to:

1) repent for citywide, regionwide, statewide and National sin and iniquity, both past and present (II Chronicles 7:14)
2) ask God to soften the hearts that have been hardened and open the eyes of those who have been blinded to the truth of Jesus Christ (John 12:40)
3) release angels into the streets to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ (Rev 14:6)
4)We shattered the Dome of Darkness over our region that was hindering revelation, now we must raise a Dome of His Glory and Presence (altar to the Lord, II Chron 33:15-16)
5) ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what needs to be brought out of the darkness and into the light so those things that are hindering true revival and transformation in this area (Eph 5:11) may be illuminated. When God reveals things to you, please email them to us so we can send them along to the other intercessory prayer groups.

Information about the next Transformation Syracuse gathering will be forthcoming via email.

Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord and to your City.

Be Blessed,

Vince Aquilino, Global Spheres Coordinator for CNY
(315) 395-9674

Are you ready to take up the vision and run with it?

If you are willing to start a Nehemiah Prayer team in your home, or in your church with your Pastor's permission, then please fill out the form below and submit it to us. You may already be part of a Bible Study, prayer group or adult Sunday school class that could intercede with you. If not, we invite you to start one or become part of one. The more people praying for the transformation of our region, the better! We can all be part of the solution to the crime, economic problems and immorality that the enemy has brought into this area by praying for and blessing our City. Proverbs 11:11 says that “Through the blessing of the upright, a city is exalted...” We will keep you informed of prayer targets and you can let us know what you are sensing from the Lord as we co-labor with Christ to have His will done on earth as it is in heaven.

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